Fat between 2 worlds

Lipid membranes of the past and future - 2013 / 2015

This work presents a collection of cell-like structures (artificial membranes) with unique morphologies grown in vitro using lipids and self-assembly processes.

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Interfacing between humans and cyanobacteria - 2011

This installation creates an interface between people and cyanobacteria mediated by light. The work integrates the photosynthetic activity of these cells, the dynamics of environmental light and the bioelectrical activity of the participants.

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Geometrical events of neural activity - 2009

This installation generates geometrical events of neural oscillation. The work presents the users with real-time feedback on brain activity as a three dimensional architecture.

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Inner topographies

Three-dimensional maps of mind - 2009

This work presents data visualizations that illustrate the regulation and consumption of oxygen in the brain.

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